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Bockarie did not give such orders. And even the ones who were with SAJ Musa where SAJ Musa died, they were not taking instructions from Bockarie before SAJ Musa's death. And Gullit left Kailahun in April of 1998, and even the instructions that Bockarie gave to him was to go and join Superman to defend Kono. But on Gullit's arrival in Kono, he did not go by the instructions. He gathered the AFRC group and they joined SAJ Musa. From that time Gullit did not take instructions from Sam Bockarie until that December, after the death of SAJ Musa, when he contacted Bockarie and he told Bockarie that SAJ Musa was dead. And even there, Bockarie did not believe him. But before the death of SAJ Musa there was no communication between Gullit and Sam Bockarie.

And, honestly, from what Gullit used to tell me, Bockarie would not give orders to Gullit to kill SAJ Musa. Gullit and SAJ Musa grew up together. They were born in the same Wilberforce Barracks and during the NPRC Gullit was a bodyguard to SAJ Musa and - and SAJ Musa was his commander. Even before the overthrow, and even when they had overthrown, when the AFRC took power, it was Gullit who called who told Johnny Paul to call SAJ Musa to come. So Gullit cannot obey those orders. Not at all.

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