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"Q. Just one matter I wish to return to from your evidence

this morning, when I was asking you questions about the

meeting that took place in December 1998, the

three-hour meeting, and you said one of the issues was the

SAJ Musa issue, I asked you this: Did Sam Bockarie say how

SAJ Musa was to die? And you gave this answer:

Well, in the military terms, they say it should be during

operations, you know. If they will mean arms, he should

die during the battle, he should be shot. Can you just

explain what you meant by that answer."

Line 22:

"A. What I meant, when they said somebody should die, he

should be killed in a battle or in operation. We were not

fighting with sticks. A commander will not come to tell

you that you should use a knife or a stick. During battles

we were using rifles, that's why I said the man should be

killed with an arm. That was why I said he should be

killed during the battle. Arms should be used. I don't

know if that is clear enough."

Over the page, 9451, line 11:

"A. That man was a commander and he had a lot of soldiers

under his command. He cannot be lying in his house while

there were securities and you would go there and kill him.

That would not be easy. The only time you would get your

colleague, that should be when firing was going on, when

everybody would be concentrating on the enemy. That was

the easiest time you would kill somebody that you had


Did Bockarie give an order for the killing of SAJ Musa, Mr Sesay?

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