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Well, the witness was further asked on this topic, though, this question:

"Q. Did he say who should shoot him?

A. He" - that being Bockarie - "just told us that he had

spoken to Gullit and that the two of them had been

discussing that even before Gullit went to where SAJ Musa

was, that was what he made us to understand. It was the

discussion that he had with Gullit. He did not specify who

should do the shooting, but the decision - the discussion

had been going on with Gullit."

And then counsel for the Prosecution returned to the topic at a later stage, page 9450:

"Q. Just one matter that I wish to return to from your

evidence this morning. When I was asking you questions

about the meeting that took place in December 1998, the

three-hour meeting" --

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