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On this issue of SAJ Musa, this witness's testimony continued in this way. He was asked about this heated argument between Bockarie and SAJ Musa, and he answers in this way, page 9426, line 18:

"A. After the meeting - but there had been arguments even

before the meeting, before this mission there had been an

argument. Just at the time Sam Bockarie sent the message

to all the stations, right from that time, SAJ Musa was not

happy about it. He was disgruntled, right up to this

mission time. And after they had held the meeting. He

sent the same order to SAJ Musa and he refused even before

the Kono thing."

And then he continues, page 9427, line 3:

"Q. The second issue that you said was discussed at the

meeting was SAJ Musa.

A. Yes.

Q. What was it about SAJ Musa that was discussed at the


A. Well, Sam Bockarie told us that the complaint had gone

up to Mr Taylor, that the man's complaint had been lodged

about his disloyalty towards the mission and he too gave

his own piece of advice.

Q. Sam Bockarie told you that a complaint had gone up to

Mr Taylor? Who is the man that made the complaint?

A. Sam Bockarie lodged the complaint to Mr Taylor against

SAJ Musa, regarding his attitude."

Now, do you recall SAJ - do you recall Sam Bockarie making such a complaint to Mr Taylor about SAJ Musa's refusal to accept this mission, Mr Sesay?

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