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This is a bloody lie. It's a lie. Because the attack on Freetown was an independent attack by the AFRC, planned by SAJ Musa, and Bockarie was not part of it. And before this time, that is, before December, Bockarie and SAJ Musa never communicated. For a long time they never communicated with each other, so this is a lie. And even when I captured Makeni, we did not just capture Makeni and say we should move to Freetown. No, when we captured Makeni, we made an attempt to capture Kabala - when we attacked Kabala, I organised troops and we attacked Bumbuna and we attacked Mile 91. So we did not just go to Makeni, and we took the road straight to Freetown like we had a plan to go to Freetown just after Makeni, no.

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