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Well, because what I am testifying about here is the reality that happened. Before the Fitti-Fatta attack, it was only Superman who carried out the attack. Mike Lamin, who was advisor to Bockarie, and Bockarie, they were the ones who discussed these things in Sam Bockarie's bedroom. No other commander took place in that discussion. And for me, it was after the meeting that they came to me, they met me in Pendembu, and that was the time Mike Lamin informed me about the things that they discussed in that meeting. And even for me, at the time I was going to attack Kono, the meeting we held at Waterworks, it was only myself, the commanders and Sam Bockarie's adjutants and the late SYB Rogers. We did not invite any other commander, who is a junior commander, on the front line to attend the meeting. You, the commander, who was going to undertake the operation will be at the meeting with Sam Bockarie, including his advisor, Mike Lamin. And if it was necessary, it will include the war council chairman. Because to plan such a meeting, you did not need to involve all commanders, junior commanders, because we wouldn't want the information to leak out. Because, when you are planning an attack, you will have to keep it a confidential business until the day of the attack, or two or three days before the attack because, if the information went out, the junior fighters would go around saying it and they would spread out the information saying that, "Oh, we are going to attack so and so place", and we did not want that kind of thing. We did not like that. So in planning an attack, that is not something you will have to assemble everybody to discuss; no, we never used to do things like that.

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