The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Okay. Then this, page 9396, line 5. This question was asked:

"Q. What was said about the Fitti-Fatta mission?

A. Well, he said" - that's Bockarie - "he would want us to

go and clear the mining area" - that is Kono - "and that

the Pa" - Mr Taylor that is - "had told him that nothing

goes for nothing and that he had no machine to make arms,

that they were materials. He also brought them from some

other areas, so he said - he said we should go and capture

the mining area so we would be able to get money from there

and get the materials."

And then he goes on to confirm that the Pa who was said that to him was Mr Taylor. Do you recall anything like that ever being said by Sam Bockarie, Mr Sesay?

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