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I said Sam Bockarie gave his Land Cruiser to Superman. Mike Lamin used his own vehicle, he also had a Land Cruiser. And both of them drove, they came to Pendembu where they met me and then Mike Lamin stayed in Pendembu with me and Superman told me that he was going to visit the front lines. From Pendembu Superman went to Baiima, and from Baiima he went to Mobai. From Mobai he went to Kuiva, he went to Baiwala and then he came back to Pendembu and went to Buedu.

So to say that there was any battalion commander, be it Baiima, Mobai, or Kuiva, who attended the meeting at the time Superman came to Buedu and they held it before the attack on Kono or the Fitti-Fatta mission, that is a black lie. Because even the witness that the Prosecution brought against me during my trials who was Superman's operator, who was part of the people who came with Superman from Kono to Buedu, that witness testified before Trial Chamber I that Superman, Mike Lamin and Sam Bockarie were the people who held the meeting in Sam Bockarie's room and they planned the attack on Kono.

So there was no other commander, including me, who left from outside Buedu and attended that meeting. The meeting - in the meeting were only Superman, Mike Lamin and Bockarie.

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