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Okay. Now, the witness says this:

"Q. Why was this meeting held at this particular place?"

Page 9393, line 4:

"A. Well, at that time there was serious fighting between

us and ECOMOG and we were afraid of the air raids so we

decided to look out for a thick forest where we could hold

the meeting, so that was why we were there.

Q. Who called this meeting?

A. Mr Bockarie.

Q. Are you able to say when this meeting took place?

A. This meeting took place after the intervention, that

was in 1998.

Q. How long after the intervention?

A. Well, if my memory serves me well, because when we

left February we went to Daru, March - it was April, May,

around June or even before the death of Abacha, we held

that meeting before Abacha died."

He then goes on to describe Abacha being the Nigerian President. And then he continues when asked what was the purpose of the meeting, line 25:

"A. Well, Mr Bockarie called this meeting and it had so

many reasons for which we held the meeting."

And then he goes on to describe, page 9394, line 6, that there were about 600 people at this meeting. Now, let me pause. Do you recall a meeting at that kind of time, Mr Sesay, between Waterworks and Buedu in a forest, attended by some 600 individuals?

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