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"The Mende tribal Kamajors crossed to the north from the south killing and amputating civilians in the north when they claimed are brothers and sisters of Foday Sankoh ethnic group, like in Mile 91 and Yonni Bana. There are mass graves to prove. Some civilians killed and their parts removed for their Kamajor societal activities and political stance.

There are dozens of evidence with the RUF to prove the guilt of the government in the bulk of atrocities committed in this country by her forces, some written evidence by victims in person, mass graves, recordings, documents, et cetera, et cetera.

The RUF welcomes the idea of international community investigating genuinely human rights abuses in this country and not one dictated by President Kabbah's so-called suggestion of Special Court on RUF for his political gains. We fought for equal and fair justice and human rights, and we will love to see that exercise in Sierra Leone.

(c) Failure of Various Peace Accords on Sierra Leone.

There are three Peace Accords signed by parties to the conflict for sustainable peace in Sierra Leone. For example, the Abidjan Accord of the 30th November 1996, the Conakry Peace Plan of 22nd October 1997 and the Lome Accord of July 7th 1999. The question to be answered by parties to the conflict is that why has peace not returned to Sierra Leone? Generally this can be answered thus; signing international document is one thing and knowing the intentions of those signing it is another issue. Having clear intentions to give peace to the people of Sierra Leone and political motives and entrenchment are the two aims that are seriously disturbing peace moves in Sierra Leone by parties. Until these two issues are seriously addressed, there will always be problems.

The Abidjan Accord of 30th of November 1996 could not give peace to the people of Sierra Leone due to the insincerity of President Kabbah and his cohorts. In the first place, after signing the Abidjan Accord, he, President Kabbah, summoned a meeting at his State House office where his chief of army staff, Colonel James Max Kanga, chief of defence staff, Brigadier Hassan Conteh, and deputy defence minister, Hinga Norman, including the ULIMO commander, the commander of the Nigerian air wing, the Air Force commander of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, including others, were in attendance and instructed by their commander in chief, who is also the president, to attack the RUF base where the leader Foday Sankoh left for Abidjan on the peace accord (Zogoda)."

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