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Very well:

"Francis Goba in an interview with Ninja News when he classed Kamajors as worst in committing atrocities more than any fighting force who claimed to be fighting on their behalf, worst atrocities committed by Johnny Paul Koroma's West Side Boys who attacked Freetown on January 6th 1999. This have been attested tested by Mr John Selehemen of Reuters in an interview with Musa Jalloh in charge of the amputees and some of the amputees themselves in Freetown. The people of Freetown can also attest that atrocities committed in Freetown was done by the AFRC (Arm Forces Revolutionary Council) of Johnny Paul Koroma. Even West Side themselves after arresting the 11 British soldiers, confirmed that on the BBC Focus on Africa, and above all, Gibril Massaquoi, who was detained at Pademba Road Prison, tried for treason by the Tejan Kabbah government, was removed from prison on the 6th of January 1999 and was with the West Side Boys and saw all what they did in Freetown after being released from prison, spent weeks with West Side Boys" --

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