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"ULIMO forces from Liberia based in Sierra Leone, Executive Outcomes, Ghurkhas, Sandline, ECOMOG forces, especially Nigerians and Guineans, all on the part of the government and the RUF.

For President Kabbah to suggest to the United Nations for the RUF to be tried alone means covering his own atrocities committed during his blind and purported democratic rule in Sierra Leone. We fought for democracy, fair and equal justice and human rights in Sierra Leone. During the arm struggle, if any member of the RUF was identified committing crimes against civilians, charges were levelled against him or her when found guilty and necessary steps were taken against the person. Likewise now. We welcome action taken by international community against any member who will be identified by a victim, not only say RUF. In the same vein, what will happen to Kabbah's forces who committed worse crimes like burning of human beings alive with tyres in Freetown, ECOMOG forces killing hundreds of civilians at the Aberdeen Bridge and threw them into the river in Freetown, claiming they were rebel collaborators, using jet bombers and helicopters gunships in the killing of dozens of civilians behind the rebel line in the north and eastern part of Sierra Leone and destroying houses, raping, looting and innocent killing of civilians by pro-government forces (CDF). This has been attested to by one of the Kamajor chiefs, Francis Goba."

Do you know Francis Goba, Mr Sesay?

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