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This was during the time that Alex Tamba Brima was to go and testify in the Court. That was when he suggested this to me. And I said, "No, I was not going to accept that." So I informed Kallon and Gbao. So there was there was an argument between us. Chief Norman was the one who mediated. When Tamba Brima, alias Gullit, told me that he wanted to go and tell the Court that it was himself and Superman who carried out the attack on January 6th. And I said, "Oh, why are you going to call out the name of Superman when Superman was not involved in the incident?" And I said, "No, I will not accept this." And I said, "In fact, I'm going to tell my colleagues." Then I told Gbao and Kallon. And Gbao said, "You see, what was their handiwork, now they want to put the blame on the RUF." He said, "Let him not even - don't even encourage him to bring those sorts of discussions to you." And Gbao invited Brima, Tamba Brima, alias Gullit, and asked him, and said, "What did you tell Issa?" When he asked him, he did not want to respond. And I came there, and I explained that Tamba had said he wanted to go and testify in court that he carried out the attack in Freetown, together with Superman. And Gbao said, "Man, you go and say what you did. Forget about the RUF, because Superman was not in Freetown and no RUF joined you in Freetown."

And Chief Norman came to calm down the situation, to talk to us, together with Tamba. And he said, "This is strange to me." He said, "I was the Defence Minister. Trust me, I myself went with the idea that it was you, the RUF and the AFRC, that carried out the attack in Freetown. So that means what, just telling lies on you guys, and we are taking sins from you. It is only now that I've realised that RUF never took part in the attack on Freetown." So Chief Norman mediated and resolved the issue. And I said, "No." And Chief Norman said, "Brima", that is Gullit, "if you are going to testify, go and testify about what the AFRC did. Don't implicate the RUF in things that they did not do. If you knew that the RUF did not take part in the attack, say that. If they did it, then you can say it. But if you know that no RUF commander did not go to Freetown and they were not part of the attack on Freetown, don't try to bring any problem."

So Chief Norman advised him and he accepted it. But even the SLPP government and the authorities in that government during the invasion of Freetown, and after that invasion, they had the idea that RUF was part of the attack, but it was later that they came to realise that it was not the RUF, that the RUF took no part in the attack on Freetown.

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