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"For all these reasons mentioned, students and trade unions demonstrated - demonstrations, failed several times for a change in government and governance but were all foiled by the government. Some were arrested and detained and others killed. This made the RUF to take up arms as the last resort in 1999 to wipe off this system throughout the country, as it was now the order of the day.

The RUF therefore advised that the cause of the conflict is not neglected by United Nations if durable peace is to reign in Sierra Leone.

Lastly, the continuous propaganda of President Kabbah that RUF is using diamonds to purchase arms from President Taylor is rubbish. Let them prove it by giving you one of the end user certificates or certificates. In fact, he, President Kabbah, is one of the causes of the conflict by stealing State resources, including two others in 1968, wherein Justice Singor Boaku Betts passed a ruling of Tejan Kabbah not to hold public position of trust in Sierra Leone, during the commission of inquiry after stealing a shipload of cocoa. This very man on the BBC Focus on Africa admitted that RUF was right to fight and that when at Central African Republic, Bongay, he was not happy as corruption engulfed the whole nation. Because he wants to entrench himself into political power by hook and crook, he's now bent on destroying RUF. Realistically, the RUF can no longer leave the destiny of this country in the hands of crooked politicians.

Conclusively, the RUF fought for democracy, justice and human rights when there was one-party dictatorial rule of the All People's Congress, and there is no way we cannot accept being sidelined by the same politicians who are the cause of the conflict."

I'm going to pause again, Mr Sesay, and I'm going to ask you directly: Why did you, as a young man, decide to take up arms and enter Sierra Leone?

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