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"The Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone was formed by a group of gallant men and women headed by Corporal Foday Saybana Sankoh in 1982, in the south and eastern parts of the country, with a full participation of people with all walks of life in the entire country and Sierra Leoneans out of the country.

The cause of the conflict is known to all Sierra Leoneans, both in and out of the country, except those politicians along with their families who pretend not to know due to their own actions. Leaders of this country created misery on this nation, especially after independence on to the current date. Massive corruption, nepotism, tribalism, mismanagement and misuse of State resources and funds was the order of the day by the one party rule, All People's Congress (APC). The poor become poorer, the rich richer, and education and health was completely zero, and they became privileges instead of rights. People dying without medication on a daily basis, number of drop-outs from school due to unaffordable school fees was also on daily basis. Civil servants not paid at the end of the month. No development throughout the country, especially the rural areas. No freedom of speech and association. The saying of the day was: 'Where you tie a cow feeds itself there' in local language 'Creole' meaning" --

Maybe you can help me with the next sentence, Mr Sesay, the Krio part.

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