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Now, we see that the heading is "Detailed information about the RUF and her position on the ongoing peace process":

"The Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone deems it necessary to inform you and the United Nations Security Council through you about her activities from 1991 when she launched her insurgence and on to the current peace process because of the intensification of President Kabbah and his government's propaganda machinery to destroy the RUF.

Below are the contents the RUF is informing you about her activities and position:

(a) Cause of the conflict in Sierra Leone.

(b) Atrocities during the conflict.

(c) Failure of various Peace Accords on Sierra Leone.

(d) Position of the RUF on the current peace process and her political stance.

(a) Cause of the Conflict in Sierra Leone:

The Revolutionary United Front Party of Sierra Leone believes that she has been sidelined for too long and that international community seems to only listen to President Kabbah's own version which have definitely not yielded any fruitful peace for the people of Sierra Leone. And, therefore, it is now time to listen to the RUF too so as to achieve durable peace, not one that is dictated by the recycled and corrupt politicians of Tejan Kabbah's government."

Can I pause for a moment and ask you this: By April 2001, Mr Sesay, had the RUF established itself as a political party?

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