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We've heard the reasons and, in summary, the trial cannot continue for the rest of today due to the fact that lead counsel, who has conduct or carriage of the current witness, is indisposed and unable to come to court the rest of today. He has given an indication that he hopes he will be able to come in tomorrow morning, in which case we can proceed with the trial. But, in the event that he is too ill to continue tomorrow, we have noted the fact that, in any event, tomorrow is half a day's sitting and, at the close of the day, the recess - the one-week recess is going to commence, and that should give him time to recuperate; but in the meantime, we are requesting the Defence to have a contingency plan after the recess; if for any reason Mr Griffiths is not available after the recess, the short recess, then you should have a plan to have a witness to interpose, and I hope that that is what you will do in the interests of carrying this trial forward.

So the Court is adjourned to tomorrow at 9 o'clock.

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