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Well, at the time they entered that dialogue, I did not know about it. It was later that I knew that when the AFRC, under the command of SAJ Musa, captured Waterloo and captured Benguema, Gullit then called Bockarie through Alfred Brown when they had the dialogue when Gullit informed Sam Bockarie that Sam Bockarie was dead. So Sam Bockarie too did not believe at that initial stage, according to what I understood later from him, but Sam Bockarie then told Gullit that if Gullit was saying the truth that SAJ Musa was indeed dead, he then asked Gullit about his next plan, and then Gullit told Bockarie that to move on Freetown was their next plan. And then Bockarie told Gullit that if it was true that SAJ was actually dead, he said they should wait at Waterloo. So Bockarie said he will begin to send reinforcements to them at Waterloo so that they will carry out their attack on Freetown. But Gullit did not wait, and it was within one to two days they attacked the Orugu Bridge and they attacked Allen Town and entered Freetown.

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