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Well, my lord, the Nigerians whom we captured in Koidu Town, when we captured Koidu Town, I went to Opera and they brought them to me one after the other to where I was. So we were there around 7.30 to 8 o'clock, the figure went to 11, 11 of them, so I too instructed the MP commander, Mohamed Jalloh, for them to take them to the Guinea - to the Guinea base, that is at Superman ground. I said they should stay at the MP until the following morning. And the following morning, I was in Koidu Town, I sent them to go and bring them. They put them in the pick-up and brought them to Koidu Town. And when they brought them, I spoke to them. I asked among them who knew something about an electrician's job. So I said they should help to fix currents in the house where I passed the night, the following morning. So I gave them food, they ate, and I told them that they should not be worried, that nothing was going to happen to them. So they spent about four hours with me in Koidu Town, and I sent them back to the base where the RUF were. So they were there, and the following morning they also brought them. And I told the MP commander that they should stay with him at the MP office at Koakoyima until I informed Sam Bockarie. So after I had informed Sam Bockarie, Sam Bockarie said I should send them to Kailahun. So he too - I informed the MP commander to organise an escort, so I sent them to Buedu, and they were now in Buedu under custody. It was during the Lome Accord that they were released.

For the Kamajors who surrendered in Kono up to Makeni, we detained them because Bockarie had said we should retrain them for them to join the RUF. So they were trained - starting from March, they were trained at the Yengema training base. So after that, I redeployed them where we had left, like Makeni, Magburaka, Makali --

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