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Yes, my Lord. I asked General Opande that, General Opande, well, you have said that the government has called on the United Nations to create a court. That is the Special Court. I said so it is the ECOWAS that has appointed me for me to work with you to bring peace to Sierra Leone but now that they are bringing a court, what would be my fate? And he said, young man, you are working with us. Continue the work that you are doing with us for Sierra Leone to realise peace. If the Court arrests you tomorrow, wherever they take you, I am the first commander of UNAMSIL, I would go and explain the role you've played to bring peace to Sierra Leone. I said okay, sir. And indeed, he came during my Defence case, and he explained the role I played towards the peace of Sierra Leone, my Lord. But that did not discourage me to stop disarmament and other things. I furthered the disarmament until the end.

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