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I say sorry to the people of Sierra Leone and I'm appealing to the people of Sierra Leone, especially the victims, who loved their loved ones, those whose arms were amputated, those whose properties were destroyed, I'm appealing to them that what happened during the war was not good for Sierra Leone, but it has happened. I'm just appealing to them. And even those who were bearing RUF lines, they know that most of these crimes, the commanders who were committing them, Issa had no control over them; but today I am bearing the responsibilities of the RUF, so I'm just pleading with the people of Sierra Leone, because they are seeing the perpetrators around, they are seeing them, those who were doing bad things to them, some of those who were protecting and speaking on behalf of the civilians today, I have found myself in the jail. I'm just pleading with them in the name of God for them to forgive me and forget. We are all Sierra Leoneans.

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