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My Lord, I said the reason I came here to give my account of what I know, it was because I used to hear on radio UNAMSIL when my colleague RUF were coming here to say things against me. And even some of them before they came, they used to make send-off parties before they came to The Hague to testify. I was in detention when I used to hear all of that. And they were saying that the way Issa left Mr Sankoh in jail and disarmed the RUF, we too would prosecute him until he dies in jail. I heard my colleagues saying a lot about Issa, things that were not - Issa didn't do. So when Mr Taylor's lawyers told my lawyers that they would need me as a witness, I said: Well, the lies in this case are too much. Let me too go there and give my own account. What the RUF are saying about me is not true. The RUF wanted to destroy me. My colleague RUFs want to destroy me because they are saying that the person who had their future, that is Mr Sankoh, I had betrayed Mr Sankoh, so they were going to make sure that Issa dies in prison. So that was why I came here.

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