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Now, let's go back to this ammunition that you said you were getting from Liberian officials and I just want to read to you the evidence that learned counsel put to you concerning what Taylor said about that ammunition. That's the transcript of 28 October 2009, page 30524. I'll start at line 13 which is the line that was read to you by learned counsel to show that Charles Taylor was lying when he said he didn't have arms - sorry, he didn't have ammunition when you were buying ammunition from Liberia:

"And I'll tell you something, this is a shut and closed case." This is evidence of Mr Taylor, Mr Sesay. "If anyone believes that Liberia had arms and ammunition or Charles Taylor had possession of those arms and ammunition in Liberia between the time he became President up to the time - up to about 2001, when I order material, then really, I'm already guilty in this case."

That was the part that was read to you, Mr Sesay. Mr Taylor on this page, Mr Sesay, goes on to explain, if you look at line 22:

"There are no arms and ammunition in the possession of my government. The United Nations had all of them and destroyed every last one. I do not know where I could have pulled these arms out of a magic hat or whatever."

If you look at the next page, Mr Sesay, this is the part I want you to comment on and see if you do agree with that. At page 30525:

"I do not deny that small amounts of arms went across the border, but the government did not send them. Whoever bought their arms and things, fine."

Mr Sesay, you've just indicated that you were dealing with Liberian officials. Do you know whether those dealings, Mr Sesay, were with the blessings of the Liberian government, as in Charles Taylor's blessings or knowledge?

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