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Yes, my Lord. I said we captured the ECOMOG, we did not kill them. Kamajors surrendered to us with their guns. We did not kill them. We came down to Magburaka, we captured policemen and Makeni also we captured policemen, we did not kill them. I went to the police station, I addressed them. I told them that I don't have rice to be given to you and I said the government that pays the police, they are in Freetown so if you have a route to go to Freetown, you can go. That was how I addressed them in the police barracks and even some of them who were there, like the current police commander at Masingbi, a woman, she made a statement during my Defence case, and amongst the police that we captured during this time she was my investigator in the Special Court case, and if the government, those who were fighting against us, and the policemen who were part of the government, we did not kill them, so it would not have been possible for us to maltreat the civilians and the civilians starting from Kono, down to Makeni, and the surroundings, around this time we did not capture civilians. They stayed in their towns, their villages, up to the end of the war. And no amputations went on in Kono District at this time, not in Tonkolili District, not in Bombali District, coming down to Kambia District and part of Port Loko District. You see, we did not burn any police station, we did not burn any police barracks, they were all intact, we did not destroy government structures, we did not burn down civilians' houses, you see, under - all of these things, we met the paramount chiefs, we did not replace them, we worked with them.

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