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And this is at page 45799, line 29, to page 45800, line 4, where Defence counsel is asking you about this timing. And if we could look at page 45799, line 29, "Because, just so that we are clear, your lawsuit", and we go over the page, and I'm looking at the last page, "was launched on 26 October 2009 and, guess what, Mia Farrow's signed declaration is dated 9 November 2009, exactly two weeks afterward. Have you been in contact with Mia Farrow at any time since 1997?" You said "No", and told Defence counsel he could look at your telephone records, if he wished.

Now, again, to be sure that we have the date of the signing of this declaration in full context for the Court, in relation to Defence counsel's question to you, let's look at what Mia Farrow said about that signing on 9 August when she testified under oath before these judges, and that's at page 45702 and, in particular, I'm interested in line 8 to line 15. And Ms Farrow was asked this question:

"Yes, now, if the Prosecution contacted you on 10 August 2009, why is it that your declaration was not made until the 19th or the 9th of November 2009?"

Now, first of all, Ms White, were you aware that the Prosecution had contacted Mia Farrow on 10 August of 2009?

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