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Yes. Naomi was very excited about these diamonds that were about to arrive and we were sitting in the lounge area. I think it must have been around 10 o'clock at night, maybe a bit later, and we were waiting for these men to arrive. And she had - she was in communication with her phone, most likely by text. I believe she was in communication with the driver because - or it could have been anyone from that dinner party, I don't know, but somebody was informing her that the car was nearly there. And so on two occasions she told me, "Come on. Let's go and look in the garden." So we went out through the big doors, there was still sentries there, and we went to look in the garden, which was pitch black, we couldn't see anything and went back and then waited some more and then the same thing happened again. She said, "Oh, they're nearly - they're coming, they're coming." So we went back in the garden to see if we could see these people and then went back in the lounge. And it was getting late then and we had an early start, so we went to bed.

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