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The reason she is not here is because we asked WVS to bring Ms Farrow here first. WVS informed us - in fact, we asked that Ms White be here at the same time, and that was not possible according to WVS, but she will be here, they informed us, by 10 o'clock.

Your Honour, as regards to the proofing notes, the Prosecution has a responsibility under the rules, which we take seriously, to inform the Defence of any additional information in a proofing. Both of these witnesses were proofed yesterday, late afternoon. Proofing notes were prepared according to our obligations and sent to the Defence very promptly the same day, within hours of the proofing.

So the Prosecution has done everything it can to comply with its obligation to keep the Defence informed of the anticipated testimony.

Both witnesses were scheduled for today, and we don't believe there is any prejudice from inverting the order of the two witnesses. We are prepared to proceed with Ms Farrow, but obviously that's up to your Honours to decide.

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