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Now, let's have a look at the declaration of Mia Farrow, shall we? I have already mentioned that it is dated 9 November 2009:

"I was contacted by Nicholas Koumjian, a Prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone, by email on 10 August 2009 and asked if I would consent to speak by phone.

I gave Mr Koumjian my phone number. He called and asked me if I recalled meeting Charles Taylor in South Africa and I said I did.

He then asked what I recalled about that meeting, and I explained that I had limited contact with Mr Taylor but was happy to relate what I remembered. I travelled to South Africa for an event to raise money for Nelson Mandela's children's charities, at the invitation of the then President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. I believe this was about 1997.

Other guests at the event that I recall included Naomi Campbell, Quincy Jones and Jemima and Imran Khan. We were all staying at the government guesthouse in Pretoria.

I remember arriving at the residence of President Mandela for a dinner party. There were others present, when my children and I arrived. I was introduced by Graca Machel, now the wife of Nelson Mandela, to Charles Taylor, President of Liberia.

A photographer moved towards us, but Ms Machel quickly moved me away from Mr Taylor, whispering words to the effect, 'We do not want you to be photographed with this man. He should have left. We are trying to get him to leave.'"

Now, do you recall at any stage that evening anyone telling you that you shouldn't be photographed with Charles Taylor?

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