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Thank you. Then this:

"That night, it got to be very late and all of the guests had retired to their rooms. The witness heard something hitting her window that sounded like pebbles, and she looked outside and saw two men. The men said they had something for Ms Campbell. The witness did not know how they knew which room to alert or if they just happened to pick a window that turned out to be hers. She alerted Ms Campbell who was excited and wanted to open the doors. But the witness was nervous to let the men in, as all the other guests had retired and there seemed to be no guards or staff present. After looking unsuccessfully for any guards, the witness" - that's Carole White - "let the men in herself. Ms Campbell was in her nightdress but had a big cashmere shawl around her. The witness gave the two men Coca-Colas and sat them down and sat with them and Ms Campbell. The men gave Ms Campbell a scrubby piece of paper, which Ms Campbell opened. Inside were what looked to be about six small greyish pebbles but there could have been five to eight, the witness didn't really remember. The witness thought Ms Campbell was disappointed because she thought she was going to get a big shiny diamond and these just looked like pebbles."

Is there any truth in any of that?

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