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"Witness first met Naomi Campbell when Ms Campbell was 19 years old. And the witness became her agent from approximately 1992 until 2006 when they began working together. Ms Campbell's home agency was Elite Model Management in New York. The witness was with Elite Premier Agency in London and worked very hard to promote Ms Campbell, becoming the biggest billing agent in the world for her and what is known in the industry as her 'mother agent'. The two women became quite close over the years and the witness often travelled with Ms Campbell, even if the job was another agent's job, acting a bit like a chaperone to Ms Campbell.

One such trip was to South Africa for the inauguration of the Blue Train, which was similar to the Orient Express in South Africa, travelling from Pretoria to Cape Town. Ms Campbell was invited by President Nelson Mandela to ride the train to help raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Ms Campbell did a lot of work for the Children's Fund and became a member, which meant she gave $50,000 a year to the fund."

Is that correct?

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