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Well, the reason why I'm asking you is this, you see, and I promise you it is not my intention to venture into the legal dispute between you and Carole White, but listen to this. Again from the notes of Carole White's interview with the Prosecution:

"The witness is currently in litigation against Ms Campbell over a contract dispute. The witness did not even know Mr Taylor was on trial until her attorney, in the breach of contract matter, contacted her back in January or February after seeing something in the news about Naomi Campbell and a blood diamond. He asked the witness if she knew anything about that and the witness told him the story of what had happened."

Now this: "He", that is the lawyer, "urged her", that is Carole White, "to come forward because it might be important."

Now, why do you think this story about alleged diamonds in South Africa might be important to this woman who is suing you?

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