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After deliberation, these are the rulings of the Court on the various issues raised by the parties.

Firstly, on the issue of the pending motions, whilst we appreciate the submissions by the Prosecution that they will make every effort to file timely responses, when we looked at the calendar actually, the date given by Ms Hollis, the date of Monday the 4th would be exactly 10 days after receiving the motions, or the last motion anyway. And so, looking at it mathematically, basically that would not be an expedited response if you were to file your response by Monday, 4 October. That is not to say that you may not file earlier but basically, in our view, we are not really saving any time and so we reckon that it is not fair, if we have not expedited the filings of the response, to expedite the filings of the Defence replies which are a mere five days from receipt of the response, so we decline to expedite the filings of the replies.

Now if we go by the calendar, that would mean that if the last response is filed on Monday, October 4, that should give the Defence five days within which to file their last reply. And I am not saying that you could not file earlier, of course you can file earlier, and I believe and trust that the parties are acting in the interests of expediting the trial and don't need to be reminded. Then that would definitely bring us to the end of the recess. That would be the end of the recess on Monday the 11th.

Now, we are giving the judges some time to deliberate on whatever pending motions there may be by the 11th and to give a decision and then to allow the Defence time to consider the decision we have given and to see how they then plan to go forward after that decision.

So we are going to set a date for the next status conference on Friday, 22 October. This date we reckon will give everybody sufficient time to carefully consider the decisions of the Chamber on the pending motions and to consider the way forward.

Now at that status conference we intend to hear submissions from the parties on formal closure of the Defence case. This of course will include with finality the issue of any witnesses that you still intend to call. We really will not hopefully hear the kind of submissions you have been giving, Mr Munyard. We hope that by this time the Defence will have decided, because this is the time we are going to set a formal date for closure. When I say set, it's actually going to be a revision of the date that was set earlier because, as the Prosecution rightly pointed out this morning, that date of 12 November was set with certain events in mind; that is, the calling of seven witnesses. Now, those events did not happen, or have been overtaken by events, other events, and so we need to revise that date of 12 November one way or the other, and we hope to do it on the date of 22 October.

Again, on that date, in addition to setting a closure date for the Defence case, we will nominate, or we will hear - we will hear submissions on time limits for filing the final briefs of the parties and for closing arguments and incidental matters, and we will set dates for all of those issues on that date.

Now, unless there are any other matters, I am going to adjourn the proceedings to Friday, 22 October at 10 o'clock in the morning, and to wish everybody a restful but fruitful judicial recess. Thank you.

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