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Well, Madam President, with respect, our understanding was that that date was arrived at based on an estimate of how long it would take to complete examination of seven witnesses. It was not a date that was given, no matter what happens in court, the Defence case may remain open until 12 November. Rather, it was premised purely on how long it would take to call the seven witnesses the Defence indicated to you they would call, based on their estimates of how long it would take them to examine these witnesses and then other estimates relating to cross-examination, re-direct. So it was not an open date for anything that may occur but, rather, premised solely on seven witnesses that now we have heard will likely not be called. And, again, in relation to this "we may or may not call witnesses", we suggest that is too vague, too late and we ask that your Honours not keep the case open with this very vague possibility 14 months after the Defence has opened their case. Thank you, Madam President.

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