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That is our understanding of what Mr Munyard said. We have yet to formulate our opinion on that - the language of your Honours' decision. But my point was, we don't know if all of these 250 some were at one time potential Prosecution witnesses, because we don't have their names. So we certainly, if we agree with that interpretation, we will check the known Defence witnesses against our list because we certainly intend to comply with your Honours' ruling as to what Rule 68 is. We did not challenge that ruling, and we intend to comply with it. But that is the point I am making in relation to all of the Defence witnesses. The great majority, we have no idea who they are, so we are unable to check. We do ask your Honours to set an end date to the Defence case, even if it is conditional. We think it is beyond time for that to happen. They do not have a right to an open-ended case and we ask that your Honours take action to set a date. And as I said, we will work very diligently to ensure that we provide our responses very --

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