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Now, Mr Witness, let's look at what you told the judges on 31 August about operators disseminating information to Buedu. I am talking here about pages 47585 and 586. If we could please have - starting with page 47585 on the screen, please. If we could please go down to line 27 on that page.

Now, Mr Witness, here is what you told them beginning at line 37:

"But what I want to make clear here is that when I was at Base 1, whenever the operators wanted to disseminate information to Buedu, telling Sam Bockarie" - then we go over the page - "they will say 50 wants to get to him on the telephone, or that he should get to 50 on the telephone. What they will simply say is that the Subject here wants Master or your Subject to get him on the other side, because they wanted to avoid this well-known code, 2-1 or 10-2-1."

Do you remember telling the judges that, Mr Witness?

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