The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Now, let's go back to code name 047 for Charles Taylor, and let's look at what Charles Taylor and Yanks Smythe said about his code names. And for Defence counsel's reference, I am talking about 16 September 2009, page 28992.

Mr Witness, Charles Taylor told these judges that his code names were Unit 1, 047, and Ebony, and Yanks Smythe. And for counsel's purposes, I'm referring to 24 February of this year, page 36284. Yanks Smythe said that Charles Taylor was Ebony and, when he became President, he was 047. He was also referred to as Unit 1. So Mr Witness, Charles Taylor and Yanks Smythe both said Charles Taylor's code names included 047. Were both of them wrong or are you wrong?

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