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Madam President, I'm trying to pull the email because it was a qualified language used by Mr Griffiths. The language was to the effect of "as currently instructed", and so there is a qualification there. What, as your Honours probably know, that means is that as of the time Mr Griffiths wrote the email, his instructions from our client at that point in time suggested that this witness would be the final witness. But - and I hope the email will be available to me on this computer screen - but there is the possibility that, in the coming week or so, to the extent there is the need to still call a witness, we will make the necessary applications.

But as of yesterday, and on the basis of instructions received from the client, that was the indication that Mr Griffiths gave. So it does not necessarily foreclose the possibility of one or more witnesses being called. That is having applied to your Honours.

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