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Now, let's look at the transcript of 29 October 2009, at pages 30747 and then 30748. Now, if we could go down to the 24th line. Now, Mr Witness, this is the testimony of Charles Taylor to the Court, and he is being asked questions about Prosecution testimony and about a radio being on the fifth floor. And then an answer:

"A. No. This liar knows - he had been in the mansion from

1995. The fifth floor of the Executive Mansion, your

Honours, contained the communications section of the secret

service, all of the - whether it is - whatever

sophisticated equipment, whether it is listening, whether

it is monitoring, whether it is telephone, all of the

communication gear of the secret service are located on the

fifth floor. This Varmuyan Sherif" - I'm on the next

page - "This Varmuyan Sherif working as assistant

director for operation from 1995, your Honour, is lying if

he says he did not know that the communication quarters of

the secret service that he worked for as assistant director

was not on the fifth floor."

And then if we look at line 8 and 9:

"A. That's why I'm saying he's lying because that fifth

floor contained all communication."

So, Mr Witness, Charles Taylor said it was the fifth floor of the Executive Mansion that contained the SSS communications section. Is Mr Taylor wrong about that?

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