The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Mr Witness, we see the first page of this document shows us that it is the Liberian Codes Revised. Then if we look at page iv of the document, we see that it is copyright 1998 by Liberia Law Experts. And if we look at page vi of the document, which would be the fifth page in, we see that the document - would you move it up, please, on the screen - that the document contains an index of executive law.

And then if we could move to what would be the 11th page of the document, the pagination in the document itself is page 283. We see here, Mr Witness, subchapter C, Special Security Service, section 2.40, which talks about service established and functions. And if we look at the functions listed, we see, first of all:

"To protect and secure the President, his immediate family, and other officials and visiting dignitaries who are designated by the President."

And you were aware of that function of the SSS, yes, Mr Witness?

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