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Mr Witness, I want to ask you about what's recorded about an answer you give further down the page. And that was the one second from the bottom answer and begins: "It was a movement we all belonged to." They were asking you about the misunderstanding between Mosquito and Sam Bockarie - excuse me, Mosquito and Foday Sankoh. And you said:

"It started from gossip to the leader. When Sankoh was away he told Mosquito he should put his feet in his shoes. When Sankoh came back, the people complained to him that Mosquito harassed them a lot. Sankoh called Mosquito and told him that he was not coming to Kailahun again. He told Mosquito that he should go to Liberia to go and train, but Mosquito refused and alleged that Sankoh wanted to kill him."

Did you tell the TRC that Sankoh told Sam Bockarie that he should go to Liberia to train?

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