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Sir, this letter indicates in the first line that Don Ray served in Sierra Leone as a UNAMSIL CIVPOL mentor team leader from April 30, 2003 to the end of his mission on February 2, 2004. It says during that time he was stationed in the eastern town of Kailahun, Sierra Leone, and I'll read the entire letter since it doesn't take long:

"As a result of being in a remote location of Sierra Leone, I was often called upon to assist the Special Court on logistical matters and on one occasion conducted an interview on an individual who had been a house boy for a subject of interest. While in Freetown I met Chief Prosecutor David Crane several times on an informal basis in a group setting. This would involve members of my Canadian contingent going for dinner at places like Mamba Point. I never had any discussion with Mr Crane about the Special Court's ongoing investigations, nor did I ever provide him with one of my police cards.

The police card I am talking about has a picture of me on the front where I am in working uniform and standing in front of a jail cell. As a police mentor in Kailahun I was very involved in community relations. It is in this capacity that I handed out several hundred of these police cards. They were provided to citizens and police officers of Sierra Leone as well as the different AFL and LURD rebels that I came across during my duties.

Insofar as Sam Mustapha Koroma is concerned, I have had an opportunity to look at the two pictures of him provided to me and I do not recognise Mr Koroma. I am confident I have never spoken to him and I am certain I have never had any investigational or covert dealings with him. Should the Court require any further information, I am at your disposal."

And it indicates it's sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths.

Mr Kolleh, I'm putting it to you that hundreds of these cards that you provided the Defence apparently sometime after May of 2010 - hundreds of these cards were in circulation in Kailahun. You didn't get this card from David Crane, did you?

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