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Okay. We see the caption under it, it says, "RCMP Corporal Don Ray, stands near Sierra Leone's border with war-torn Liberia. Ray is in Sierra Leone to help police restore law and order after that country's civil war." And perhaps - I hope not to have to read all of this but I'll read a bit of it on the record. It says:

"One of the biggest differences between policing in Slave Lake and in Sierra Leone is that in small town Africa, you don't always need a jail to keep the prisoners in one spot. Slave Lake Mountie Corporal Don Ray is in the Sierra Leone town of Kailahun helping the local police restore law and order to the West African state after ferocious civil war."

And then:

"'In Sierra Leone you have 100 per cent compliance from everyone who deals with the police,' he told The Sun. 'This Kailahun station doesn't have cells at the present time so prisoners are asked to sit on a bench in an open room with no doors or bars and told to wait until they either sober up or are replaced. Amazingly, they do. Could you imagine the EPS or the RCMP expecting the same thing? No way.'"

Skipping a paragraph. "'The people in every town I've lived in have treated me as one of their own and Kailahun is no different. Of course the people in Kailahun have their own way of showing appreciation for a job well done. In Alberta, you might get a handshake and a slap in the back. In Africa, you get livestock. Talk about nice people,' said Ray. One of the local chiefs recently presented him with a goat as a gift."

That's all I'm going to read at this point in the article.

May the article be marked next in order, please, your Honour.

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