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Well, if we could look again at the summary of your evidence that was filed. I believe that was MFI-14. We will see, sir, at the top that this is filed on 12 May 2010. And you actually, as we saw - or perhaps we haven't. You've told us before that you were scheduled to testify in April. I'd also like to now distribute a document, filing 940 of the Defence witness order for 26 to 30 April.

Sir, in the summary that the Defence filed in May, even after you were originally scheduled to testify, as I count it, 12 paragraphs about your anticipated evidence, there's nothing about you having contacts with the Prosecution or being threatened or offered bribes by the Prosecution. That's because you never had said anything to the Defence, at least through 12 May 2010 when this was filed, about this story that you've made up about being threatened and offered bribes by the Prosecution. Isn't that true?

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