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Now, let me explain something to you. You've given us information about Benjamin Yeaten's involvement in two murders; Sam Bockarie and his entire family and Superman. We've also heard from President - former President Charles Taylor about the death of Sam Dokie. And one of his witnesses, Annie Yeney, came here and told us, President Charles Taylor told us that Sam Dokie and his family were killed, their bodies burnt in a car. Annie Yeney came and she told us that she told Charles Taylor that Benjamin Yeaten and Zigzag Marzah had been involved in the arrest of Sam Dokie. Charles Taylor also told this Court that in 2003 John Yormie and Isaac Vaye, two members of government, I believe deputy ministers, were murdered and that Benjamin Yeaten told him that he killed them. And when I asked Charles Taylor if he would reappoint Benjamin Yeaten, if he came back to power today, he said he would.

Now, is that in accordance with the ideology that you were taught; that people that murder not only their opponents but their families, are put into the position of the top security commander in the country?

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