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Superman's death was also - the information was also given to me by Pa Moriba again. He told me they were in Liberia one time, Benjamin Yeaten, he Pa Moriba, with Superman, with some bodyguards, they move towards Bomi Hill. But that was in the night while they were going and then Benjamin Yeaten told his driver, "Park the vehicle and halt the light." Pa Moriba said he was a little bit afraid, why must he halt the light. Then he said, "I say halt the light. I used to kill animal around here."

So when they all came down, then Benjamin Yeaten walk ahead. When he walk ahead and he call Superman, he say, "Come and see something." And that's how Superman went. That's how Pa Moriba said he heard firing. In the process of the firing, Pa Moriba came down from the vehicle, telling the driver, "Put the lights on", and the driver said, "No, I was not ordered to put light on." After some time the driver was called to carry the vehicle further so that they can move. When he pointed the light, the driver now, Pa Moriba in the vehicle saw Superman's body. He said he got confused and he never even know what to say. And then that's how Superman die.

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