The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

I'm reading from the testimony of Mr Ngebeh, just starting at the first line. He said:

"Atrocities really happened in that country, Mama, I can't

deny that. It happened, RUF was marking people. We

ourselves who were captured, they marked us. We, the

soldiers, it happened. I can't deny that. It was done by

Sierra Leoneans."

And then he was asked:

"Q. And throughout the conflict, the RUF used children

under the age of 15 years, Isn't that right?

A. Mama, all this that you're talking about, the whole

world knows about it. It happened. It happened, you're


Mr Kolleh, is it the case that the whole world, except for you, knows about the RUF arming children under 15? Are you the one who doesn't know that?

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