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So on line 9:

"I said he said he bought some of the ammunition from the

battalion commander in Voinjama and when he came he got

some other ammunition from Benjamin Yeaten in Kolahun that

he bought.

Q. And did Bockarie say whether or not these purchases

were with the knowledge and permission of Taylor?

A. No, Bockarie did not tell me that."

Then going down the page about 10 lines, he was asked:

"Q. And what was the quantity of the ammunition that was

purchased by Bockarie from these individuals?

A. You mean the quantity of the ammunition? Well, the AK

rounds were up to 40 boxes and the G3 rounds, I think it

was about 15 boxes and the HMG rounds were about 10 boxes.

Q. And how was this ammunition transported to Sierra


A. They were in a truck.

Q. How big was this truck?

A. It was a civilian truck, a ten-wheel truck."

So, Mr Witness, a ten-wheel truck can come from Lofa County to Buedu. It's happened many times. That's one thing that Issa Sesay didn't lie about, a truck can come across the border. Isn't that true?

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