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About 10 lines down, the witness said:

"At this time I was at Kamakwie Number 3 with Komba

Gbundema, when Issa Sesay, Morris Kallon and my former

commander, Augustine Gbao, came and met us at Kamakwie and

we all slept in the same house. Then the following morning

Komba Gbundema held a muster parade and Issa Sesay and

Morris Kallon addressed the fighters there to go and attack

the Guinean territory to oust Lansana Conte.

Q. Who spoke at this muster parade and said that?

A. Issa Sesay was the first person to talk to us. Later

Morris Kallon addressed us and I also saw a Guinean who

also addressed us a bit.

Q. What did Issa Sesay say when addressing this muster


A. Issa Sesay told us at the muster parade that

ex-President Charles Taylor had given him that mission to

launch an attack against Lansana Conte in Guinea."

Mr Witness, can we have 9 April 2008, please, page 7056.

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