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Let's just look briefly at another witness, 2 September 2008, page 15179. That witness was asked at about 10 lines down - I'll wait till it's up. He was asked at line 10:

"Q. Now who was Matthew Barbue?

A. Matthew Barbue was an RUF vanguard, but he was a


Q. And who promoted him to major general?"

The answer from this witness who is TF1-338 was:

"A. The agreement was between Benjamin Yeaten and Issa.

The two of them joined together to promote him."

Can I just go down the page a bit, I want to see if I can find - okay, I'll skip that and go to the next witness. If we can have 18 November, please, 2008, page 20506. At the bottom of the page, the last three lines the witness says, and this, sir, is Augustine Mallah:

"I said the only time I went towards Guinean-Sierra Leone border or the Liberian-Sierra Leone border was at the time Issa Sesay sent me to go and join the NPFL soldiers at Mendekoma in Liberia to fight against the LURD rebels, but I did not in fact explain the other problem, but when you spoke about the Guinean problem, and that was something that actually happened between the two of us, he said I should go as a reinforcement to Guinea, but I refused going."

I would now like the transcript, please, for 5 March 2008, TF1-337.

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