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Let's go to the bottom of that page, please, the last line. He was asked.

"Q. Sir, did you receive any information, were you told

why RUF was going to Guinea, attacking Guinea at that time.

A. Issa Sesay said Charles Taylor informed him that we

should give him grounds in Guinea so that the time for the

had disarmament into Sierra Leone, some of the arms we had

would be crossed over into Guinea for safekeeping."

Then going down the page to about 10 lines up, the sentence that begins "the next operation", the answer that begins "the next operation".

"The next operation was Dennis Mingo, alias Superman. When we moved from Kono we attacked Guinea closer to Kissidou."

Going to the next page in the middle of the page he was asked at line 13:

"Q. Who were you fighting against in that operation?

A. We were fighting against the Guinea government.

Q. And how long do you think you were in Guinea that time?

A. We spent a month."

And then he was asked if he returned, and he said:

"We retreated to Sierra Leone."

His next answer is:

"We moved to Kono. From there Issa provided transport for everyone of us and we moved to Liberia and we were in Foya where we met Colonel Benjamin Yeaten and he said guys, everyone should get ready for the operation. He said this time around we have to take Gueckedou. So we used the Solomon crossing point. That is the crossing point between Liberia and Gueckedou they call Solomon."

First before I leave that, Mr Witness, who's Benjamin Yeaten?

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